My name is Grayson Benton, I'm a senior at Eau Gallie High School running for senior student government President. Vote for me, and you'll have someone you can depend on. You can read about my action plan by clicking the button below, or click the "Vote" button below to be taken to the voting. Otherwise, feel free to keep scrolling to read a bit about me.

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Action Plan

About Me

As a senior in High School I've been in your shoes. I've been through the same classes. I've played the same sports. I've had to manage the same stressful situations. As the Student Government Associtation (SGA) President, I want to represent you. I want to take what you, the student body wants and bring it to the table with the staff and faculty. I understand what you feel because I've been there. I'll listen to you. I'll make change happen. I care because I'm one of you! Vote for me and you'll have someone that you can count on. Someone that will listen. Someone that will make change happen!

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My running mate is Kiara Richmond. Last year we worked together to establish the foundation of the Thirst Project Club. Kiara is an amazing person, involved in many clubs: Avid-Council, SGA, Thirst Project, and Anti-Bullying. She is always willing to listen to what people have to say and is not afraid to do the right thing. Together, Kiara and I have made an amazing team and gotten a lot accomplished. We plan to run SGA like never before. We want to make memorable stuff to happen! If you want 2020-21 to be awesome, vote for me and Kiara and we'll make that happen!

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I am not new to being a part of clubs. As a member of SGA, NHS, Beta, DOCK, Anti-Bullying, S.W.A.T, RYLA, Interact, Commodore Captains Council, and Sources of Strength, I have experience with clubs. On top of that last year I founded the EG Thirst Project, a club that fundraises to bring water to less fortunate areas of the world. On top of that, I am a the Vice-President of SWAT Club, Ambassador of SGA, and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Junior Staffer. In other words, I've got experience as a leader and am ready to make a real differnce by working with you! I will utilize this prior experience to lead SGA. I plan on having us do memorable things and fundraising to set up the class of 2022 and beyond.

If you vote for me, I am going to represent you. As your SGA President we can bring everyone's ideas to the table and not just sit idley by and let this year go to waste. Vote for me, and you will have someone you can count on. Together we will make this year great!