Fundraising Plans

  • Food Fundraisers (Jersey Mike's, Panera Bread, Chipolte, etc...)
  • Online Video Game Tournaments
  • Paint a mural for one of the following: Autism Awareness, Suicide-Prevention, George-Floyd, or Anti-Bullying.
  • Get corporate sponsorship for the clubs including: SGA, Anti-Bullying, Thirst Project
  • Haunted House???

General Plans

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly videos about SGA Progress
  • Work with Avid to post graduation requirements and club information on the Avid walls
  • Work with faculty and staff make sure Anchor Hour is kept after the removal of block scheduling
  • Budget clubs and fundraise to properly set up the class of 2022 and beyond
  • Expand co-operation between clubs. My running mate Kiara is the President of Avid Council, I'm also the President of Thirst Project. This is in addition to the other clubs that we are a part of allows us to reach greater levels of cooperation with clubs throughout the school.